Suddenly she’s, leaving
Suddenly the, promise of love has gone
Suddenly, breathing seems so hard to do
Carefully you planned it
I got to know just a minute to late oh girl
Now I understand it
All the times we made love together
Baby you were thinking of him

Why do I love you
Don’t even want to
Why do I love you like I do
Like I always do
You should’ve told me
Why did you have to be untrue
(Love you like I do)
Why do I love you like I do

Ain’t gonna show no, weakness
I’m gonna smile,
And tell the whole world I’m fine
I’m gonna keep my senses
But deep down, when no one can hear me
Baby I’ll be crying for you

Repeat Chorus

Can’t go back, can’t erase
Baby, your smiling face, oh no
I can think of nothing else but you

Repeat Chorus to end



ѕρяιиq иιснт
εяιииεя мιсн
die erste träne
ѕεχy ℓονε - яαмѕι αℓιαиι
мειи тεѕтαмεит
тяαεиε αυѕ вℓυт
вιи ιсђ иυя qℓυεскℓιсђ ωεии εѕ ѕсђмεяzт
ειи тειℓ νοи мιя
ωђy ∂ο ι ℓονε yου? тευfεℓѕкяειѕ
ειиεи ѕтεяи
∂ιскε αииα


тяαευмεи νεяαεи∂εят
ђαѕѕ νεяѕρεяят ∂ιε ѕιсђт
ιсђ ℓαυf ∂ανοи

мα∂ε вy
[Punk.Sternle] [Bild.Er]

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